Monday, April 26, 2010

Flats in HIGH demand!

I am almost always wearing heels. I recently went searching in my closet for a pair of flat sandals to put on, and unfortunately my pickings were slim to none. So...I went on a search for some cute and inexpensive sandals to fill my wardrobe. This is what I found...

Merona (Target $15)

Rebels (Nordstrom Rack $24.99)

Mossimo (Target $22.99)

Vince Camuto (Dillards $49)

Fergie (Nordstrom Rack $29,90)

Classified (Ross $13.99)

Merona (Target $15)

Classified (Marshalls $12.99)

Mossimo (Target $17.99)

Mossimo (Target $22.99)

Hugs & Chicness!!


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