Sunday, June 13, 2010

Viva: La Bella Vie Boutique!

HOT, HOT, HOT!!! La Bella Boutique in Castleberry Hill (Atlanta) is the newest kid on the block and if I may so myself, it truly made a memorable impression! Paying close attention to mixing fashion and art, La Bella Vie gives a high end vibe without breaking the bank. Updating your wardrobe has now been made easy and accessible! Check out the video and pictures for more information.

Boutique owner and fashion designer Jason Scott. La Bella Vie is his 1st Boutique. He hopes to carry his own clothing line at the boutique in the near future.

Tamra purchased this cropped T for only $15!

My $25 purchase!

Harriette Thomas Visual Merchandiser/ Buyer for La Bella Vie Boutique. Harriette says the boutiques style is similar to the items found in Level X or Forever 21, but the boutiques clothing inventory is of a much higher quality. "The Boutique does not back stock," she says, "all of our merchandise is on the floor, so once it's gone it is replace with new merchandise." She describes the demographic as any woman from 18 to 40, college students to working woman, someone who is constantly updating their wardrobe. Harriette also mentioned the the pieces in the boutique are easily mixed and matched with one another.
Out for a night of salsa dancing Tamra paired her black cropped t-shirt with this lovely black, white and red printed skirt from TJ Maxx (shoes from Ross).

I wore my LOVE cropped t-shirt with a red & white stripped tube top underneath and PZI jeans (Macy's).

La Bella Vie Boutique:
309 Peters St, Unit 1, Atlanta, GA 30313 (located directly across from the Castleberry Uhaul)
Monday-Saturday: 9 am -8 pm
Sunday: 1 pm - 6 pm


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