Friday, November 26, 2010

Crescent City Blues

Happy belated Turkey Day! We spent our day with family and friends in the Big Easy! Here are a few pictures of what we wore and a little street fashion we saw along the way. We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Check out the pictures and enjoy!

Tamra wore BCBGeneration dress, H & M scarf and jean jacket, and Jessica Simpson black leather boots.

I wore Urban Outfitters floral skirt, Old Navy t-shirt, lace cardigan from Target, and Vince Camuto boots.

These two lovely ladies were taking the streets 20's style. They each wore hand crafted hats embellished with feathers and flowers. Very creative and chic!


M.Z. said...

loving it!

I have a quick fashion question. How do you feel about leg warmers this winter? FYI I live in a cold region (if that helps). I know it's 80's gear but I think I may be able to pull them off here and there this winter. Just looking for some input from people who know better than me.

Keelia & Tamra said...

Love Leg warmers. Also, if you would like to trendy it up a little I suggest going with an over the knee sock or a thigh-high sock. Seeing that you and Tamra are vertically challenged lol, I would stick with an over the knee rather than a thigh-high. Leg warmers or the over the knee will work. Its just about your preference.

SN: you can find the socks at any major dept store ie Macys. I hope this helps!

M.Z. said...

Thanks Keelia and yes Tamra and I do share the ups and downs of being VC.

Happy holidays ladies!

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