Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's on the Menu?

Tonight Tamra and I enjoyed some delicious crab cakes!!! They were perfectly golden and stuffed with tons of crab!

Cooking is our new venture. It’s all a part of our healthy lifestyle change that began in September of 2010. So far we have both lost 15 lbs! By no means were we fat before, but we were definitely caring around some unwanted extra weight…To the point where some of my clothes were beginning to fit a little too tight. It was actually a very sad realization for me. After I lost the weight, I could still fit into most of my clothes, so I know that the clothes I was wearing were way too tight on me (kind of embarrassing, but it is true).

On Monday I was doing my usual blog browsing and came across this recipe on How Sweet It Is. I followed the recipe exactly and they came our perfect. Each bite was a heavenly blessing. These will be a permanent addition to the recipe book!

This was just a snippet of our lifesytle change. Check back later this week for our post on staying active!

Hugs & Chicness
Keelia and Tamra


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