Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Making Impressions

When going to work everyday, Tamra and I always try to keep our attire classic, but we never want to be boring...So, adding a touch of trendy (or funky) can always spice your work wardrobe. It easy to do this with accessories like belts, scarfs, shoes and jewelry. You can be professional and still add in a touch of your personality. Take a look at how we accomplished this with our work outfits today!  

145 148 146 147 149

Keelia's Wearing H&M skirt | Forever 21 print t-shirt | Nine West shoes | Brahmin handbag

151 161 152 158 159

Tamra's Wearing Ann Taylor Loft skirt | H&M zippered shirt | Jessica Simpson shoes

Hugs & Chicness

Keelia and Tamra


M.Z. said...

Beautiful photos. I love the clothing selections. Especially the midi skirt.

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