Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Filthy or Chic: Mixing Patterns

Recently the trend of mixing patterns and textures is becoming increasingly popular. More celebrities are taking a risk and mixing two completely different pieces to create a look. Although the art of mixing patterns has been successfully pulled off by celebrities, is this a look that you would attempt yourself? Let us know…do you think it's filthy or chic???

Filthy or Chic? What do you think?
Hugs & Chicness,
Tamra and Keelia


Rosalynn said...

This is a look that I don't see myself attempting any time soon.

Elizabeth said...

I love mixing patterns! It's a risk, but when it works, it looks awesome and so sophisticated. Really dig your version!

M.Z. said...

I'm not sure. I experiment with the patterns in my closet and in the mirror, but wearing them outside the a work in progress. Something simple like the first one -that hat and the last one are subtle attempts. I think I would start there.

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