Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Ain't Yo' Mama's Moo Moo!

My goodness it’s been so hot outside! Finding something cool and comfortable to wear is becoming more of a dreaded task than a fun filled adventure. We were filled with excitement when shopping in Ross one day and we came a across a garment that brought back wonderful childhood memories: the “moo moo”! I couldn't believe it! This old ugly thing our mom used to wear on Sundays while cooking and getting ready for church suddenly was the center of a fashion breakthrough for Tamra. She suggested that we make the “moo moo” into an outfit. I kept looking around and all I saw were old women admiring this shapeless piece of clothing. Clearly, I wasn’t so easily convinced, but soon saw her vision.

Properly known as a caftan (or Kaftan), the “moo moo” is described in the Fashion Book as a rectangular cut ankle length garment with a front opening, side splits, and sometimes a cummerbund, probably originating from Mesopotamia.

According to the article History of the Caftan, it has moved through African, Eastern Europe, Russia and in the 1960s became a fashion staple in the US. The caftan is made from various lengths and fabrics. At one time in history the fabric of a caftan was a sign of a person’s social status. Today they are made out of mostly silk and cotton and are used a variety of ways.

Caftans can be personalized to fit your own style. It can be worn with a belt, jewelry, flats or heels, dressed up or down. Whatever you like! For Tamra and I, its way to be fashionable, revisit the past and stay cool in this smoldering heat!

So here's what we did...

Before the transformations

I decided I wanted to make my caftan short, so I cut off the bottom! I also made mine one shoulder by cutting the arm of the caftan and tying it on the side. I added a small belt and accessories to spice it up a bit!

Tamra loved the length and flow of the caftan, so she just cut off the tassels and kept hers long. She added bold accessories and high heels for a dramatic effect!

Examples of other caftans...


Rosalynn said...

The first one is adorable! Loves it!

Candice Perkins said...

Great job gals! I <3 this =)

Talking with Tami said...

Thats adorable,love that!

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