Friday, May 28, 2010

Jetsetting? Pack like a pro!

Since we just celebrated the 1st day of summer this past Monday, Tamra and I thought it would be fitting to do a post on packing for any upcoming summer vacations. It so easy to under / over pack, but if you follow these tips you are sure to have the perfect outfits and accessories for a summer getaway!

Here are a few helpful hints you can use as a guide when packing for a weekend trip!

First, we like to begin by laying out all outfits including shoes, accessories and "unmentionables." This is much is easier than throwing random clothes in our suitcase. You will have an outfit(s) for each day and occasion.

We also suggest packing a couple of just-in-case outfits like the two never know!

After you have gathered your wardrobe, lay them all out and assess your items to make ensure you have everything you need.

For a weekend trip, We suggest using a weekender bag or a small carry-on suitcase like the one above. This will provide you enough space for all of your things and also smaller compartments for separating garments.

Layering is key when packing a suitcase. We like to start by placing shoes on the bottom.

On top of the shoes we layer all purses.

Fold or tightly roll garments (this is your preference, whichever way all of your items fit the best). In side pockets place belts, undergarments and lounge wear (Pj's).

Toiletries and cosmetics should be placed in a separate tote bag in order to protect clothing from spillage.

Now you are ready for a fun filled trip with a no worry wardrobe! Have fun and be Chic!

Hugs & Chicness

Keelia & Tamra


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