Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pretty Girl Swag

Its summer and the flowers are in full bloom. The flowers are what make summer truly beautiful. So I was elated when florals became one of the trends for the summer, although for Keelia and me floral patterns never go out of style. This trend can be adapted to any outfit whether it’s a skirt, dress, jacket or jewelry floral designs always bring out the beauty in every woman. Here’s how we have incorporated floral looks into our own style.

Cardigan and skirt by Liz Claiborne

Romper from Victoria's Secret Pink

Dress from Forever 21

Dress from Forever 21

Jacket from Ross

Dress from Ross
Now its time for you to get your Pretty Girl Swag on!
Hugs & Chicness,
Tamra and Keelia


Rosalynn said...

I love floral prints. Seeing this post made me smile. The pink dress is so cute along with the yellow dress.

Anonymous said...

That's HOT!

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