Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Streetwise: Get Up & Geaux!

This weekend Tamra and I had the opportunity to go to New Orleans! Although we were not able to attend any of the Essence Festival events, we did have plenty of time to tour the beautiful city! New Orleans is a city rich in culture, people and food. Even though I have been to New Orleans many times before, I definitely learn something new with every visit. Check out the pictures and enjoy!!!

Bourbon Street!

I find it to be a bit ummmm how do I say this...Well, it's kinda dirty, but you can't beat the experience!

There were tons of live statues on Bourbon Street!

re: fresh is a Sneaker & Streetwear Boutique located in the French Quarter

The owners of re:fresh

We had lunch at NOLA. It was simply wonderful!!!

Our unofficial tour guides for the afternoon. Wonderful job gentlemen!

The best pralines in the city!

St. Louis Cathedral

Shoe game!


M.Z. said...

Beautiful Pictures. There's something for everyone to see in New Orleans. Loved Tamra's Outfit.

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