Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bling Bling!

Tonight I decided to feature my jewelry collection. Jewelry is the easiest and best way to accessorize any outfit. Most of my pieces are pretty simple and classic, but I do have a few items that I think are really unique. With a little sparkle and bling you can make any outfit shine and reach its full potential! Enjoy!

I Keep most of my jewelry on display in my room. I got this deep mahogany table from Target.
I placed my rings on the table for you all to see, but I usually keep them in the small circular chest with pearl pendant to the right.

I try to arrange my earrings by style: beginning with long dangling earrings at the top and smaller studs to the bottom. The last two rows are all vintage clip-on earrings given to me by my Granny. I love them!

I keep my most worn watches and bracelets here...

Smaller chained necklaces

Longer chained necklaces

Ring collection

My two favorite watches. I am always wearing one of these!

This is one of my favorite necklaces!

Gotta love the sparkle!

This black beaded and rose pearl necklace dresses up the little black dress!

Black leather flower cuff

This clear Lucite Swarovski ring goes with almost everything!

I love these blue and green feather earrings from Urban Outfitters because they add a little spice!


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