Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finding Your Inner Chicness...

Today's post is all about you and discovering your inner chicness. I would like to begin by defining the word "chic". What does it mean to you? Well, according to chic in adjective form means attractive and fashionable; stylish and in noun form it means style and elegance, especially in dress. So in other words chic=style. Hopefully today I will be able to help you uncover your fashion style! So…Let’s begin!

First, I would like for you to find your favorite clothing items. I’m going to pick out my top 5. Don’t limit yourself to just clothing…you can pick your favorite pair of shoes and/or accessories too!

Here are mine!

Now that you have determined your favorite items its time to get creative! In order to get some inspiration, I like to look through magazines and fashion websites. Think of ways that you can mix and match your items together and also with other pieces in your closet.

Below are outfits I have created from my favorite pieces.

All of this will help you create your own style lookbook. My friend Brittany has a great lookbook that she created through Google photo application Picasa. She gathers her pictures from her RSS feed of blogs. Her lookbook includes photos of outfit inspirations. It is a great way to create various looks with clothing items you already own.

See, finding your inner chicness is easy! All you have to do is find pieces that are simple and make you feel comfortable. Its not always all about the clothes its also about being confident. Style + Confidence = Ultra chicness!
By taking these steps you are sure to find your inner style!


christina said...

I like number one and three...pretty creative!

oby said...

I like this post...i'm working on finding my inner chicness espcially since the weather is letting up! thanks for the tips!

Keelia said...

Thanks Christina and Oby (your welcome). Keep Reading!

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